We practice the ESCO financing model for integration of solutions developed for energy savings. This model involves investing in energy efficient systems by contractors.

City Service Engineering the standards of the Energy Service Company (ESCO). With this compliance standard, we enter into energy service contracts with building managers and invest our own funds in energy efficient measures. The major part of returns on investment made by the company is based on the savings achieved during the contract term.

When a company enters into an agreement with the customer, it provides a guarantee on the achievement of energy savings after the integration of energy-efficient measures in the buildings.

The ESCO project can cover the following:

  • Power supply;
  • Development of energy-saving measures;
  • Construction works necessary for the implementation of measures for the enhancement of energy efficiency;
  • Technical maintenance of a building and (or) energy efficient measures and (or) and utility systems of a building (heating, hot water and electric power);
  • Administrative and other functions related to customer service;
  • Project financing;
  • Energy audit;
  • Energy consumption monitoring.