Alarm and Video Surveillance System Maintenance

Routine testing and diagnostics of alarm and video surveillance systems aim to prevention system failures and maintain continuous and faultless functioning over the lifetime of the system. System diagnostics includes evaluation of technical status, and functionality assessment of all system components and their compliance with warranty values. Furthermore, we provide warranty, post-warranty and non-warranty rectification of faults of all types that occur in alarm and video surveillance systems.

  • Routine system check
  • Rectification of Faults

Maintenance of access control system

A modern access control system installed in commercial buildings requires continuous maintenance. Access control systems in commercial buildings help manage the daily and never-ending stream of staff and visitors. Due to such a high load on this automated equipment, qualified technicians must check it regularly and immediately rectify faults in the software. Top-notch specialists at City Service Engineering are prepared to maintain system operations and prompt rectification of faults 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.