Many specialised companies advise and provide recommendations for energy savings. City Service Engineering is the only company which provides its customers with a guarantee on gaining the actual energy savings and assumes formal obligations to support this. City Service Engineering has been among the first companies in Lithuania to enter into energy service contracts (ESC). An ESC is a performance-based contract developed to achieve energy savings and enhance energy efficiency. If we fail to reach the goals set in the contract, we will reimburse the customer. Two types of energy service contracts are available for customers: a contract with investments or with no investments. In both cases, our technicians conduct an inspection of the object’s systems and prepare recommendations on the energy-saving measures. We offer no-cost solutions for those customers who cannot afford to invest: system adjustments, periodic equipment monitoring and compliance checks of parameters and compliance with hygiene standards. If a customer is ready to invest in additional energy saving measures, qualified and skilled specialists will conduct equipment installation and technical maintenance.


  • Guarantees on energy savings
  • Savings without investment
  • Competent servicing