City Service Engineering activities cover technical appraisal of building’s conditions, reporting, and problem-solving recommendations by professional specialists.

On-site construction maintenance is performed in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Construction and the Technical Building Regulation of the Republic of Lithuania. Our certified engineers appraise and evaluate constructions, record defects, and provide recommendations for repairs, as well as arrange everything that is necessary to submit and get approval for documentation in the respective institutions.

Our construction maintenance package includes the following services:

  • Appointment of certified and authorised specialists;
  • Annual and unscheduled technical appraisals of building constructions, recording defects, and preparation of recommendations for repair;
  • Technical supervision of construction works;
  • Konstrukcijų apžiūros dronais.
  • Conducting visual inspections of buildings using drones;
  • Regular filling of technical documents and coordination with institutions.